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CAV-15 MKII Receivers

CAV-15 MKII receivers were released in November of 2003, replacing the CAV-15 in Cavalry Arms Corp's product line.  The original CAV-15s were called "MKI" retroactively to establish their difference from the CAV-15 MKII.  Cavalry Arms Corp. sold CAV-15 MKIIs until it gave up its FFL in March of 2010

CAV-15 MKIIs are the most prolific CAV-15 receiver with thousands having been produced.  Standard colors included Black, OD Green, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, and Dark Earth.  Special production runs in Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Blaze Orange, Electric Green, Pigeon Gray, Urban Gray, Yellow, and others.  Some colors are much more rare than others.

The CAV-15 MKII was also produced under marking variances for Sabre Defence as the SR-15 "Light Sabre" and for Eagle Arms as the M15P.  Both of these were only available in black.

CAV-15 "MKI" top, CAV-15 MKII bottom

CAV-15 MKII Receivers were injection molded from glass filled nylon 6, a polymer material very similar to that used by other firearms companies. Polymer offers unsurpassed corrosion resistance, finish durability. and is significantly lighter than aluminum based receivers.  

The receivers were molded in two halves and assembled using a linear vibration welding process.  Linear vibration welding formed the two halves into one solid piece.  Every contact surface between the two halves was bonded together with a weld that was even stronger than the parent material.

CAV-15 MKII Receiver Features:

  • A1 Length integral Stock (5/8" shorter than A2) with sling loop.  13" Length of Pull.

  • Carbine buffer system

  • Ergonomically enhanced integral pistol grip

  • Wider magazine well capable of accepting .45 Greasegun magazines with caliber conversion upper receivers and magazine blocks.  Standard AR15 magazines can be used without modifications. 

  • Receiver weight (complete) is 1 full pound lighter than complete aluminum receiver with A2 stock

  • Uses all standard mil-spec parts with the exception of the take down pins.  The front pivot and rear pins are a Quick Take down style with Detents built into them, This allows for quick and easy removal of the pins while maintaining a positive lock.


Warranty repair and service of the CAV-15s in circulation will be covered by the purchaser of the CAV-15 product line.

CAV-15 MKII Receiver Assembly Instructions (click here)