CAV-15 Archive

Cavalry Manufacturing, LLC does not manufacture or sell firearms. 
These pages exist for historical reference purposes only.

Cavalry Arms Corporation produced polymer based CAV-15 series receivers from 2000 to 2010.  Over that time frame the design changed, enhancements were made, and new colors produced.

 Most of the CAV-15s in circulation were sold as stripped receivers. Cavalry Arms usually produced less than 50 complete rifles annually, but made thousands of receivers. 

We hope that the information provided here will be helpful to owners of Cavalry Arms Corp's CAV-15s and to people interested in buying the ones already in circulation.

GWACS Armory purchased the equipment and intellectual property to the CAV-15 receivers, is in the process of manufacturing them, and will be offering service and technical support. Please see their website for details. Cavalry Manufacturing continues to sell unregulated parts for the CAV-15 including uppers, take-down pins, roll pins, and parts kits.