Emergency Medical Supplies

At Cavalry Manufacturing we believe in being prepared and ready for any eventuality. We have drawn upon the years of collective experience of our Military and EMS Providers, as well as input from staff with no emergency experience, to put together a package that is simple enough for the lay person yet capable enough for even the most experienced emergency medical rescuers. We have designed kits to meet the needs of many different situations, but if you have specific operational requirements for your mission, we can build a kit to meet your unique needs please contact us for details.

Medical Videos

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CBK (Contagian Barrier Kit)

PTK (Personal Trauma Kit)

PTK-B (Personal Trauma Kit Basic)

ITK (Individual Trauma Kit)

ICMK (Individual Combat Medical Kit)

DEK (Dental Emergency Kit)

AAK (Automotive Aid Kit)

ISK (Individual Survival Kit)

AVTK (Advanced Vehicle Trauma Kit)

IBTK (Individual Bikers Trauma Kit)

LEPAK (Law Enforcement Personal Aid Kit)

MTC (Multi Trauma Case)

AMTC (Advanced Multi Trauma Case)

MKR (Mass Casualty Response Kit)

CRK (Casualty Response Kit)

NEAK (Non-Emergency Aid Kit)

Misc. Medical Items